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About Rachell’s Health & Skincare

Rachelle's Health and Skincare is a part time private in home clinic with over 30 years’ experience which books through referrals.

I, Rachelle have spent 30 years in the industry with a Diploma in Natural Aesthetics. My portfolio includes owning a salon and training school for many years and working with various companies as a representative and wholesaling.

My experience has shown that aggressive salon and medical treatments have become more widely used and more harmful. This led to researching other products and modalities. The products I now share with you are mostly organic, natural and ecofriendly. I research them to ensure they are exceptional and not harmful to your body and skin. Aggressive treatments can weaken and compromise the natural protective layers of your skin, ultimately aging and exposing it to the environmental toxins and dehydration.

I see many people (mostly teenagers) with acne not properly looking after their skin by using insufficient cleaning methods, toxic make up, clogging skincare and insufficient exfoliation which ultimately can lead to inflammation and scarring.

My aim is to make your skin feel wonderful and help you feel happy with your skin and achieve the best results possible whilst maintaining an active at home routine for your particular skin concerns and adjusting your routine as your skin makes subtle changes. These treatments will take time but will ultimately make improvements for your skin.

Before purchasing your products online you are welcome to email for a quick chat so I can recommend products for your particular concerns. Amazing results can be achieved at home with a specific protocol for your needs.

Please Note:

Products can be ordered Australia wide with express shipping at $20. Standard Shipping $10
International orders will need to be individually quoted.
No refunds unless product is damaged.

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